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bikes on bikes on bikes

Its Nothing
you can’t control 7 billion people with tanks in the street and soldiers at the door, you have to do it other ways. you have to so program the population that they keep each other in line. you create a religion, and then you break the religion up into warring factions. Then you create political parties making people decide which mask on the same face should have power this time. All these things are done to have the target population at war with itself; policing itself.
David Icke
the only certainty is eternity, everything within that is up for grabs.
david icke.

check it out. please?

Top Ten Best Hip Songs EVA.

so ive taken the time to make a top ten list of the best hip-hop songs EVA. check it. 

10. “Last Dayz” -Onyx
9. “C.R.E.A.M.” -Wu-Tang Clan
8. “Car Theif” -The Beastie Boys
7. “Murder Ink” -Dr. Dre
6. “Things Done Changed” -Notorious BIG
5. “Feel Me Flow” -Naughty By Nature
4. “Express Yourself” -N.W.A
3. “Infinite” -Eminem
2. “The Message” -Grandmaster Flash
1. “The King Of Rock” -RUN-DMC

they told me that my tape taught em to swear. what about the make up you allow your 12 year old daughter to wear? so tell me that your son doesnt know any cuss words, when his bus drivers screamin at him fuckin him up worse.